Do you hate it? Make a business out of it

I try not to rant online. It's bad for the heart, it's bad for the image *wink*. But like normal human beings, I do hate a lot of things around me. Sometimes, its the big things like corruption, cheating or sinful acts. Most of the time, however, it's just the small things that I just can't stomach. Small things like:

– Why wouldn't "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and Mother Lily stop producing this series of movies for the MMFF? It's always crappy, same thing over and over. And yet people watch it on Christmas day.

– When you create a Facebook Event, people who said they are attending don't actually attend.

– Why do you have to purchase two web apps for team collaboration and client communication (i.e. ticket system) when you can have one integrated system?

– Why do you have to pay P5,000 to the leading job posting sites in the country (JobStreet and JobsDB) to post 1 job and get only 1 out of 10 quality applications — everything else is crap? Is your P5,000 worth it?

These are small things, but believe me, out of these small things business ideas can and will come out. And we're planning to release some web based products on 2011 based on things "that we hate".

I guess the best way to say what I have in mind is this: If you hate something, go ahead and hate it, but don't stop right there. Turn garbage into gold.