When justice is not served

The heinous crime in 1991 more popularly known as the Visconde Massacre is finally a close book today. The primary suspect, son of former Senator Freddy Webb, Hubert Webb, is acquitted by the Supreme Court. He is a free man. 

It's a sad day for Philippine justice system. Justice is not served for both Mr. Lauro Visconde and Hubert Webb. 

Mr. Visconde's family was massacred, people were supposed to have already been convicted. And after 19 years, the courts will tell you that the police have picked up the wrong guys. 

And Webb, if indeed, in his innocence, suffered 15 years in prison — serving almost a full sentence for a crime that he supposed to have not committed.

Were is justice in all of that? 

We're all victims of injustice in this life one way or another. Not just with the government's lack of a system that works, but also in our daily lives. Is there hope?

We may not be able to get the kind of justice we cry for today, but I can assure you that there will be a time when justice will be served in full. 

Jesus, in his second return, is not going back as a baby in the manger or a meek lamb. He's going back as a warrior and a judge. Everything hidden will be consumed with light. Justice is going to be served. In full. Nobody can escape. Not even the greatest court lawyer can defend anyone with the sin they have successfully hidden. 

Today's not the day for justice. But that day is coming.