Tow away zone.

Let me tell you a true-to-life story and hopefully it can become an object lesson for you. This is a story about how sometimes I do not practice what I preach — and more.

Last Saturday was Johann's school play held at the Lourdes School auditorium. As with any school event, parents are present, therefore, parking is one heck of a job. I was looking around for proper parking place when I saw a bunch of cars parked on the side street where it says "Tow away zone" — translation: Do not park or I'll wreck your car to the impounding area. 

But there are cars parked, I told myself. Maybe, it's just ok. Why would anyone bother if it's wrong when a bunch are actually doing it — it seems easy, cool and, well, practical.

So, I parked using the one last remaining slot. We, us, made the side street your typical, usual, normal side-street parking you see everyday. I left and joined my family for my son's school play.

Then the phone rang. My car was towed. And another. The rest "escaped". There goes my 2,000 bucks.

Lesson: The crowd do not legitimize a wrong thing. Or something like that.