Saturday night mind dump

Posterous has sparked my sleeping passion for blogging again. I'm going to start blogging about anything and everything on Saturdays and schedule some write ups through out the week. Let me start with an "anything goes" post I will call Saturday night mind dump.
  • Johann did his last Christmas play as a pre-schooler today. I'm sure he's going to miss it. We as parents will miss it. I hope the big school will still give them opportunities to showcase their talents. And we all know that dancing is Johann's one great talent, thanks to his tutor Kuya Prudy . ;)
  • For the first time after so many years, I've become passionate about programming and business again. The past years, I felt like I'm just cruising along. It takes a tap in the shoulder from God — a hard, painful one — to bring me back to the zone.
  • Speaking of passion for programming, I've been praying for a web app to be released. And it seems like we're on track. Hopefully we can release a very useful and, well, profitable web application early next year. More details in my other blogs.
  • Just want to give a shout out to my buddy Kuya Prudy. He's doing a great job leading LifeChurch Makati. There are definite challenges. But God's using him, and Craig Groschel, and LifeChurch Makati to change people's lives. Our past search "Masquerade" is undoubtedly the best message series this year.
  • And before I end, let me just say – I only think of you, on two occasions. It's day and night. ;) Love you, Joycelyne.