Saturday night mind dump – 7 days before Christmas

  • Christmas is 7 days away. I'm guessing, if everything goes well as planned, this Christmas can score as one of the fun-filled in recent years. Not only that this Christmas is first for Arwen (last year, she technically didn't care about what Christmas is about at one-year old), my folks and my siblings will spend the time with us. This sure is going to be a great time for the family.
  • We technically are only about 5 working days left in December and projects are still coming in. We have a couple that needs to be done by end of this month. And I'm preparing 3 proposals! God's been faithful in his promises.
  • I'm excited for 2011. Professionally, next year could be the year where TeamSparrow is on it's way to 'real' greatness. :) We've had several set backs in the past years, but we learned, we made some hard choices, we adopted to the situation and we're ready for the challenges ahead next year! Family-wise, Johann's going to enter big school. It sure is going to be fun, but challenging for us parents, as well.
  • Consulting work plus web apps next year. We're working really hard to release the first app by first quarter 2011. We'll learn the ins and outs of releasing a web app from there, then we hope to release a bigger, more hard hitting app next.
  • Oh, well, I just got booted out as mayor of Eclipse Fitness Center. That means, I've stopped working out. Got really sick for a couple of weeks and I don't feel like my body can stand the stress. I hope to go back over the holidays.
  • LifeChurch Makati's Christmas celebration tomorrow. We're celebrating with a children's choir and a short film produced by the great dudes at It's going to be an awesome experience tomorrow.
  • The streets in Metro Manila are jammed these days. Literally every where. 
  • I've never liked football, but I've caught the Philippine team Azkals in their last two games. I think I'm enjoying it :) Hopefully they'll make a goal tomorrow for the second leg of their semifinal game with Indonesia. I'd like to know the feeling of seeing your team actually score — live!
That's all folks. Have a great weekend. Worship God, go to church. Rest. And enjoy the rest of the work month.