There was a wave of Pinoy Twitter that happened over the weekend. Actually, it started 2 Saturdays ago. Online journalist @tonyocruz and @chuckdreyfus, you know, “Hapi House”, Isabel Granada — started sharing about nostalgic events of their childhood. It snowballed last weekend and almost everybody on my Twitter feed is sharing something on what they now call #sentisabado. I did share about a bunch of my own childhood memories. And, since I don’t plan to join the next SentiSabados — there’s a point that it kinda gets too repetitive, you wanted to shout “Move on, you people!” — I’m copy/pasting my contributions from my Twitter feed.

Walkman. #sentisabado

“I love you, lucky!” @luckymanzano #sentisabado

Jacky Chan’s “Drunken Master”. #sentisabado

Ricky Brown. Anybody remembers “The Quick Brown Fox”? — Brown, 3 points! #sentisabado

Mellow Touch 94.7 #sentisabado

FACES disco. Di ako naka punta don. Alam ko lang dahil madalas ang commercial sa PBA :D #sentisabado

Panalo yon! RT @chuckdreyfus: T.O.D.A.S. sa Ch.13! :) #SentiSabado

Theres no @mmda. There were “traffic policemen” because it was the police that mans the traffic, obviously #sentisabado

Ginebra vs. Northern Consolidated. Quarter finals. Jaworski multiple 3 pointers even with bleeding eyebrow. Classic! #sentisabado

Tight jeans, may zipper pa sa dulo #sentisabado

Haha! I got in touch with him at FB RT @mamoocindy @arnoldgamboa si arnold gamboa!!!! hahahahaha!!!! couldn’t resist… #sentisabado

My best #sentisabado post last night: Bioman. I cried when Yellow 4 died. She was replaced by an archer.

Sinong artista ang cover ng notebook mo? #sentisabado

Student Canteen sa channel 7 #sentisabado

Ano ka ba dati: new wave o hard core? #sentisabado

The Dawn. Envelop Ideas. #sentisabado

Oo nga ano! RT @isakalabasa: @arnoldgamboa Yesterday was happy 9-02-10 day! Once in a lifetime! #sentisabado

Beverly Hills 90210 friday nights #sentisabado

Parachute. First ever Game and Watch I knew existed #sentisabado

“Cherish the Love” #sentisabado

Robert Jaworski. Ginebra. Francis Arnaiz. Chito Loyzaga. Saldana. #sentisabado

Julie Vega at Janice de Belen. Flor de Liza. #sentisabado

Super Friends pag Sabado #sentisabado

Syempre, sino makakalimot kila, kiko matsing, pong pagong, kuya bodji, ate shenna ng Batibot #sentisabado

Bioman. I cried when Yellow 4 died. #sentisabado

Shider. Annie, ang time space warp! #sentisabado

Wala. Panis. Mga sosyal nag nasa #sentisabado wala bang nagpapatintero sa inyo? :)

Piling Piling Pelikula sa channel 13 #sentisabado

Donkey Kong. #sentisabado

Jolens. #sentisabado

Nutri bun. For those who studied in public schools. #sentisabado

Ula. Galing ni Judy Ann. #sentisabado

Syato. #sentisabado

Anyway, for those of you who are interested to join in, just be on Twitter and use a hashtag #sentisabado. I think @tonyocruz and @chuckdreyfus will announce the theme this weekend. Kayo nalang muna. :D