They say, seven is a lucky number.

I’d say, seven is the number of love.

Seven years of trials. Seven years of struggles. Seven years of character building. It is also seven years of discoveries. Of love. Of patience. Of kindness. Of Christ-centeredness. Seven years of blessings.

Seven years of failures and triumphs. Of giving and taking. Of loosing and gaining.

Today, I’d like to honor my wife, my love, my partner, my chear-leader, my personal psychologist and nurse, my no. 2 — as we both agreed that Jesus is our number 1. The Joy of my life.

We’ve made it to seven, why can’t we seven times seven?


  • Prudy

    As I said you are blessed to have Sevens with Joy and two beautiful & wonderful kids! So blessed too that the two of you are serving the Lord in LifeChurch Makati in those 7 years! Bless you more & more!

  • Joyce Gamboa

    how about, “they say it's the 7 year itch”? hehehe..thanks for 7 years of love, learning, laughter ,monday night movies,sometimes disappointments, trials, 2 kids :)… nevertheless, i won't have it any other way … i love you my number 2.