Excitement, the internet and the government

I have explained in the last election campaign that Noynoy Aquino may not be your most experienced and knowledgable candidate, but with his integrity and passion to do what is good, he can inspire the people and the government. His first 29 days in office reflects just that.

Notice how pumped up every government departments are. Lahat nagpapakitang gilas. Everyone wants to do the right thing and innovate for the good. Either this is your typical ningas kugon or something really good is happening in our government and its leadership.

One great thing that I see, and because this is close to my heart as a technopreneur, is the planned use of social networks and the internet as a whole in delivering accurate and fast service to the people. This week, the communications group laid out the plan for a very ambitious feedback mechanism where every Filipinos can send feedback to the government through Facebook, Twitter and cellphones.

That may be huge, but there are relatively small things but definitely very useful. For instance, MMDA, one of the most hated department of the government, not just by the street vendors but by motorists too, is going to hit a 3-pointer with the plan to make them accessible via Twitter.


One of my most accessed blog is about MMDA kotong cops‘ petty abuses. Imagine if you have a camera phone and you encounter abuses on the road. You just need to point, click and send to MMDA’s twitter account. That alone is a gun in itself. If all MMDA personnel know that you have a way to report their abuses to the government, they will think twice.

Imagine if this process is perfected and employed throughout the government agencies. There will be no corruption. And the services will be more effective and efficient.

Sana hindi ‘to nignas kugon. We’ve been longing for an efficient government. PNoy’s leadership is off to a good start.