Beauty and confidence

Are you confident because you’re beautiful, or are you beautiful because you’re confident?

Take it from a man — we know the difference.

You can be someone who’s 45 and wanting to look 25 to regain confidence. Or an 18 years old who wants to look prettier because you lack confidence.

Or you can be confident enough to walk around and feel beautiful because you know who you are.

Do you want to be Belo-fied?

I’m not downplaying cosmetics and hair spa or whatever those things girls and ladies do for beauty’s sake, but what I know is that there’s no amount of Belo-fication can replace being confident for who you are. Its you who knows your strengths and weaknesses. Rejoice in your strengths and accept your weaknesses. And believe that the Creator did not make a mistake when He designed you as you are right now.

PS: As a married man, I just have to say this. My wife is blessed to look 12 years younger without really exerting much effort. Call me arrogant, but I just think it’s a blessing that I should be thankful for. Having said that, she’s the most confident woman I have ever seen. She knows her weakness and strengths. And she knows her standing in Christ. That, to me, cannot be replaced by any cosmetics.