A few thoughts on my birthday

* I’m 35 years old today. But with what I’ve gone through in life, I’ll say, I’m a guy about 40 years old with the looks of a 25 :D

* Thanks for those who greeted. One quick thought: 3 years ago, when I wake up in my birthday morning, my cellphone had already been swamped with text messages. Today, except for that message from my 2 brothers, I have none. Everyone else went to my Facebook page. The techopreneur in me is wondering how much mooneys does the telcos loose because of the popularity of Facebook.

* Nothing special today, really. This year’s the birthday that I never really felt any anticipation or excitement. The reason is simple: my thoughts were focused on other things, that is:

* Today, on my birthday, God birthed a new church family in Makati — LifeChurch Makati. The launch team worked hard, prayed hard, invited people (and its hard!) for this launch. And today, it’s official — we’re a church. :D

I thank God for 35 years of challenges, love, grace and peace that does not come from the things of this world. Thirty five years of ups and downs, victories and failures, joys and disappointments. I may have not survived it without my Mama and Papa, my wife Joy, my church family and most especially, the ever willing listening ear, ever forgiving, ever willing to give grace, the friend and Lord of my life — they call him Bro, JC, best friend — I call him with the name above all name, Jesus Christ.

As one commercial says, “Tomorrow’s another day!”

  • Jim

    Let me be the first to greet you on your blog… Haberdey! :)

  • http://ardisonbernardo.com Ardie

    I am with you in your journey!

  • Prudy Verzo

    I'd like to thank you for being you as a friend and a sparing partner in doing the ministry at LifeChurch Makati! God has blessed us, all those who know you personally!

  • http://intensedebate.com/people/arnoldgamboa arnoldgamboa

    Hehe.. Thanks Jim.