3 days before election, there’s no time for negativity

While all seem to have lost trust on the COMELEC, I’d like to think that they deserve a chance to prove themselves.

They said they are positive they can pull this off. I’d say, let them. Let’s just run after them later if it’s proven wrong.

For the past 3 days, pessimism is all over the place — on the internet, on local news, even probably in your nearby “tambayan”. I just think that rather than creating and supporting conspiracy theories, blame people and sow news that can create fear, why don’t we just step back for a while, pray and see how we can make this happen, all together as a nation.

Whatever you blog about, post on twitter or even tell “mamang taxi driver”, it matters. Let’s choose to have hope — in our words and in our actions.

Let’s pray for our nation and give our best for our country. Remember that God is sovereign. He is our ultimate hope.

My small contribution as we take our weekend rest and cast our vote on Monday.