I’m going for Noynoy Aquino, and here’s why…

Before I explain why I’m voting for Noynoy, let me lay the groundwork:

I don’t believe in the common and perhaps the most attractive promise of a number of candidates: that if they will be elected, they will solve the problem of poverty. I simply think that 6 years are not enough to solve this issue. A lot of ground work have to be made. A lot of changes have to be implemented so we can start solving poverty.

I also don’t believe that a single candidate can solve our problems. A lot of our candidates promises insane things as if they are super human. We also think that if one is a successful businessman, or has passed bills in congress, or has executive experience, he can solve the problems we’re facing. They may solve some of the problems, but NOT the main problem…

* * *

I think that our main problem right now is TRUST or the lack of. For the past 12 years, the government lost it. The people are simply uninspired. They would rather live somewhere else than here. They lost hope. They don’t trust the government anymore.

Corruption right and left. Unresolved issues here and there. We just don’t believe anything the government says anymore. We even doubt the smallest and simplest thing they say.

The programs cannot be properly discharge without trust. Investors cannot come in without trust. The workforce will not stay without trust.

How do we bring back trust in the government?

We need a leader who:

  • Is credible, without any sort of baggage or links on corruption
  • Can inspire people to be at their best
  • Can unite a broken nation

This, in my opinion, is what we need for 2010. If this can be fixed, the foundation will have been set for us to become a great nation again.


Noynoy isn’t a superman. In fact, he is not his father who can deliver a powerful speech. He is not his mother who has the charisma to persuade.

But I believe that Noynoy is the most credible candidate. Someone that we can trust. He doesn’t have the baggage of corruption issues that others have. He doesn’t have the baggage of being linked to the most distrusted administration. Its as if — if he is elected, we can rest in the evening knowing that he’s doing his job and not stealing our money.

Noynoy is also blessed with being the son of our national heros Ninoy and Cory Aquino. You simply cannot disregard that fact. And by that, he has the ability and the popularity to unite this broken nation again. And while I do believe that he cannot solve all the problems that we have right now, if he is going to bring trust to our government and unite our people, he has paved the way to our nation’s future greatness.

What I like best of Noynoy is simply the fact that he is not a know-it-all guy. He doesn’t claim to know all the solutions. And he’s pretty honest about it. Rather, he always aims to empower. As a leader of a small organization myself, I know how important empowerment to people is. His mother, President Cory, was known to doing this. That’s where he must have gotten that value. I believe that the government doesn’t hold all the solutions to our problems. We are a democratic nation. The power lies in the hands of the people. What the government leadership has to do is to empower our people to do what they can do best to fight poverty and serve our nation.

As of March 28, I’m voting for Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas. It’s very unlikely that this is going to change until May 10, 2010.

Noynoy Aquino - empowering the people
  • Nyahaha

    Ang tagal na ng angkan nila sa tarlac, di pa maayos-ayos. Para man lang may pang back up sa slogan nya. Weh.

  • Nyahaha

    Ang tagal na ng angkan nila sa tarlac, di pa maayos-ayos. Para man lang may pang back up sa slogan nya. Weh.