10 goals for 2010

First of all, goals are not the same as resolutions. New year’s resolutions are meant to be broken on the second week of the year. Goals are pursued and hoped to be reached within the year.

So, here’s my goals for 2010. I’m making it public to somehow make myself more accountable to these personal goals:

1. Spirituality – read the entire bible in Today’s New International Version.

2. Spirituality – be more consistent in my quiet time.

3. Spirituality – stretch myself to be more trusting in God by becoming more generous financially. Give more than the tithe.

4. Family – be creative in my date nights with my wife. Movies, while we both enjoy it, can be boring and redundant sometimes, you know.

5. Family – have a special 7th year anniversary celebration on July.

6. Family – spend more quality time with my kids. (Emphasis on “quality” since I do have more than enough quantity of time with them)

7. Business – release at least 2 rockin’ web application this year.

8. Business – be more aggressive in marketing

9. Personal – go back to the gym, be healthy and loose my growing belly. “Sa panahon ngayon, bawal ang magkasakit”

10. Church – be more aggressive in praying for God’s design to happen for “Grace Place” as we pursue a challenging yet God-honoring plan this year.