The Powerful Pacman

I’m not going to make a sports analysis of the up coming Manny Pacquiao mega fight this Sunday morning (Saturday night Las Vegas). There’s plenty around the blogsphere. What I’m planning to do, though, is to show us what is already obvious — that Manny Pacquiao’s power and influences goes beyond the ring.Manny-Pacquiao-fighting-Miguel-Cotto.jpg

– Over the weekend, a battalion of lawmakers will migrate to the US to catch the Pacman. That means, there will be no quorum to vote for bills and the impeachment complaint against the ombudsman.

– Everything will stand still Sunday morning.

– Even criminals on the streets will take a break.

– Restaurants, cinemas and even hotels will be packed not by customers who want to eat or watch a movie, but by people who want to catch the Packman live via satellite feed. They are willing to pay P500 to P800 for this experience.

– Speaking of hotels, we’re even displaced from Tiara Oriental Hotel where regular services of Grace Place take place every Sunday. All function rooms will be occupied for the show of the day. We have no choice but to move the services to 2 pm to give way to the Pacman.

– And, yes, speaking of church services, as Steve Murell often says, churches will be full packed in the afternoon services. Why? Do the math, dudes.

The Pacman’s power will be felt all over the country this weekend. Let’s just all enjoy the moments, then slip back to exactly where we are at right after. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, in any case, that’s exactly what it is anyway.

Good luck, Manny.

  • dreamluverz

    hehehe. Yeah right. GO GO PACMAN!!! :)

  • dreamluverz

    hehehe. Yeah right. GO GO PACMAN!!! :)