The Manny Pacquiao scandal: How to be a responsible “miron”

Thank you for visiting, I know any blog with the word “scandal” wins.

And talking about how to be a hero, let me switch channels and talk about how to become a responsible “miron”.

“Miron”, in our street lingo means a by-stander, a watcher, somebody who are not actually part of the action although he may feel he is.

Much has been said about Manny Pacquiao, our boxing hero, and his rumored affair with a sexy star. I’m not going to join the fray.

What I’m alarmed of is our natural tendency to over analyze things at the expense of the people involved. We’re good commentators. We blog about anything. We tweet and facebook things as if we know the people involved. Who knows who were hurt by those comments?

FACT: things that we know are based on what the media feed us. The media feed us of what we want. The juicier, the merrier. None of us know the context behind the supposed pictures, or the supposed videos on YouTube. None of us know any personal knowledge about the lives of these public personalities. So unless you are Jinky or Krista or Aling Dionisia or Kris Aquino, stop over analyzing and stop the blogging, will you all? You’re not helping. You’re in fact destroying the lives of the people involved. Gossiping is a sin.

Watch their lives — their public personalities anyway. But be a responsible “miron”.