Global Leadership Summit notes: Bill Hybels

Last Saturday, Kuya Prudy and I was able to catch Bill Hybels and Wayne Cordiero live at CCF for the Manila leg of the Global Leadership Summit. To say that it’s inspiring to hear these two great leaders is an understatement.

I’m going to share my talk notes, beginning with Bill Hybels:

Bill Hybels – session 1bill_hybels_2_3.jpg

– Act 2:42

-there was a time in history that there was a community of believers radically devoted to God, so devoted to one another that they call themselves brothers and sisters and will die in each others arms during persecution

– they prayed bold prayers, God did amazing things

– people wanted inside that community because of what’s happening IN that community

– what happened in the 1st century can happen in the 20th century. The holy spirit hasn’t weaken over the centuries

– build a biblically functioning community or DIE TRYING.

– when we’re starting Willow Creek Community Church, we don’t have money, so we sold tomatoes

– we planned, and thought they will come by the hundreds, but then came in 10s or 20s and 30s

– we cleaned the theater for other people’s vomit

– I have doubts, and thought of the other life (as a businessman) that I should have.

– if we stick out with the acts 2 dream, we can change the community

– leaders have to believe it in their core

– the local church is the hope of the world

– be willing to set aside your career plans

– be fully surrendered into the acts 2 dream

– if the church will function like acts 2, it should be well led

  • Jason Bruce

    I recommend Hybel's book Axiom.

  • Jason Bruce

    I recommend Hybel's book Axiom.