The Erap irony

I was able to withstand the hour long acceptance speech by Erap yesterday at UNO’s convention. A couple of ironies I noticed:

1. He keeps on beating up “this administration” and “Gloria Arroyo” for corruption, poverty and the elitist rule. He’s standing on an anti-GMA platform. The irony is, during campaign period, he’s not going to go against GMA. He’s going to go head to head with Noynoy Aquino, Manny Villar and Chiz Escudero. Not with GMA, or even GMA’s bet Gibo Teodoro. Talking about barking on the wrong tree.

2. He keeps on telling the Cory Aquino anecdote — when, according to the story, Tita Cory apologized to him for joining force with GMA in the 2001 ouster. As to the context and of how it was said and meant to mean by Cory, it’s another story. The irony is, Noynoy Aquino, Cory’s son is up against him. I wonder what his “mahal na Pangulong Cory” would say about that?

This is going to be a fun Philippine election ride ahead of us!