PRAY like you never prayed before

We still have not recovered from Ondoy. Pepeng, a super typhoon is coming. Like, a 230 kph strong typhoon is coming.

Pray like you never prayed before.

Pray like you mean it. I mean, something that comes from your heart. An authentic cry for help.

Pray like you really expect God to answer. Because he does answer. He does care. He does know what’s happening.

Pray even if some spiritual police mocks you for praying only at times of need. Pray.

Then rest in his arms and say, “Yet not my will Lord, but yours.” At the end of the day, God knows exactly what we need. We may not understand what’s happening. But God is still God. He is sovereign.

In the midst of these storms, may we find peace in the one who is immovable, certain and strong – Jesus Christ.