DSWD vs NGO : where to send donations?

For the longest time, Filipinos here and around the world are one again. Typhoon Ondoy brought us together through generosity. Churches, NGOs, Media outfits — they all received donations all throughout the country and even from around the world. ABS-CBN, for one reported:

@ANCALERTS: Update on Donations ABS CBN Sagip Kapamilya: P30.2 million cash and P72 million in goods & service

This is just one of the non-government institutions that received and distributed the cash and in-kind donations. I personally gave through Red Cross. Our church collected and gave to VCF Greenhills.

The president, however, delivered this message. Notice how she stresses the words “… sa DSWD”.

I have the impression that the government wants the funds to go through them and not through the NGO. So, when somebody asks you on how and where to give (as a client of mine from the US just asked me), what will you tell them? Are you going to ask them to send your funds to DSWD? Or will you direct them somewhere else?

Let me give my opinion as a citizen of this country under the administration of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo: I will NEVER ask people to give to DSWD for these reasons:

1. Effectiveness – as shown in the past days after the tragedy, the non-government instritutions – Red Cross, media, the church – they are all way more effective in delivering the services and the good to the shelters than the government. They are more organized and have more volunteers. In fact, it even looked like these institutions are our government these past few days!

2. Corruption – no need to explain here. But I can’t help it, can I just say some more? Remember the “Calamity fund” that’s supposed to be used for — well, as the name implies — calamity? It’s been used up for GMA’s travel abroad. This is a verifiable fact. This issue was discussed over and over even before the Saturday flood. You used up the calamity fund now you want to horde the donations to the government? I just wouldn’t trust my money on corrupt hands. I’d rather give my donations to some place where I’m sure it will be directly given to where it is intended to be.

If you’ll ask me, here’s how you can give.

How about you, will you course your donation through DSWD as the president suggests?

  • http://twitter.com/Flik1206 @Flik1206

    No. Donations should be directly received by bodies independent from the government, like the Philippine Red Cross. I just wonder why they insist (insist because it comes off as a Directive) donations have to be received by the DSWD for a centralized accounting or accountability. Why? Does she (our President) think the Red Cross, and other foundations (NGOs) not capable or incompetent to do such thing? The funding that these government agencies should take care of is not which sourced from donations but funds from the budgets allotted for such circumstances – such as the calamity fund. Where is it by the way? Point it to the DSWD so that the DSWD would have funds to attend to and account.

  • http://twitter.com/paul_sns Paul

    Forget the tax exemptions, send your donations to the organizations you trust which is definitely not DSWD.

  • http://twitter.com/Flik1206 @Flik1206

    Deductions allowed from the the gross gifts of either kind of donor (the citizen or resident, or the not citizen-not resident) are: a. Donations made to or for the use of the National government or any entity created by any of its agencies which are not conducted for profit; and b. Donations in favor of an educational and/or CHARITABLE, religious, cultural or SOCIAL WELFARE Corporation, institution, accredited non-government organization, trust or philanthropic organization or research institution or organization: where not more than 30% of said donations shall be used by such donee for administrative purposes. – pp. 9-3 A Reviewer in Taxation – Donor's Tax by Virgilio Reyes.

    Therefore said RELIEF Donations whether or not coursed through DSWD are not TAXABLE or would form part of DEDUCTIONS FROM GROSS GIFTS subject to TAX.

  • http://twitter.com/Flik1206 @Flik1206

    Also, "Donations to the Red Cross are duty and tax free based on Article 61 of the Geneva Convention, Sec 4 Presidential Decree No. 1264 and BIR Ruling No. 064-98 dated May 21, 1998."

    So again, in this particular instance, i.e. donations to the Red Cross, whether or not donations are coursed through DSWD, donations are NOT subject to Tax.

  • ReneV

    It is the prerogative of the donor to whom the donations should be given or directed. As we are all aware of the inefficiency and magnitude of corruption in the Philippine governement, I strongly recommend that you make sure that all your donations goes to responsible hands. DSWD is not one of them. Never never listen to GMA…

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