Is there such a thing as “long range plan”?

There’s no such thing as long-range planning. Let me tell you why.

– In college, I took up Accountancy, planning to be a CPA and be a manager of a multinational company at age 30. Never happened. I never thought that I’ll be a Technopreneur.

– In late ’90s, during the internet boom in the US, I planned to be there. Early 2000, got an offer from a New York company. With some twists and turns, I declined and started Team Sparrow, Inc instead with my best friend. Couldn’t be happier, but that wasn’t my plan.

– My long range plan for Team Sparrow, Inc. is to become one of the top outsourcing company in the Philippines. Then suddenly, and unexpectedly, the global financial crisis hits. We lost a big US client and we are left with the local projects. We changed course, and while I’m excited with our new business model, this is not what I planned.

– I got a laser stone operation last year. My back is aching again. And sometimes, my tummy. I’m not trying to scare my lovely wife, ( :-D ) but what if, just what if… this isn’t just a stone. Say, this is cancer and I’ll have a few years to live? The long-term plan to see my kids grow old or grow a company — it’s gone and will never see it happen.

You can never do long range planning. Instead, do scenario planning. Have an attitude of “I’ll do this… if such and such thing happens.”

Scenario planning. And live for the moment.

Do you plan to be a doctor? Or a lawyer? Or the president of a multinational company? Or become a millionaire at age 30? It’s good to have plan for your future. But don’t expect it do happen. Quite discouraging? Yes, but you need to face the realities of life. Do scenario planning instead. And live for the moment.

“Lord, I know that a person’s life doesn’t really belong to him. No one can control his own life.” Jeremiah 10:23