How authentic can you get on the internet, part 2

Months ago, I had a long post about the subject of authenticity on the internet. This topic has once again become relevant.

– an OFW allegedly posted an insensitive post on Facebook in the midst of the Ondoy tragedy. Out of anger, “she” was mugged virtually. It was just alright, I guess, if Jacqueline Bermejo is not a real person. But she is. And the issue tainted her dignity. Here’s her official statement.

– this one is on the other side of the spectrum. Mickey Arroyo, son of the president, was allegedly “caught on cam” to have been buying alcohol in the middle of the typhoon. Very insensitive they said. But he denied that that that picture was taken during that time. So, the “poor guy”, being feasted on Facebook, wants to censor the use of these social networks altogether as if we’re China or Afganistan. I’d like to see him head the censorship group and see how he accomplishes that.

– because of the tragedy, a lot has reportedly using fake “donation centers” and asking for Paypal donations. Will you believe these right away out of your genuine compassion?

The internet can either make you or break you. Be wise. Be useful.


DON’T believe everything you see on the internet. Rule no. 1.

  • Mikes


    About Mikey Arroyo: I didn't know about that and am surprised. that is just a rebellious act against freedom! Go home to your mom Mikey baby…