A prayer

Lord, most of us are now business as usual. We’re back to work, back to our normal routine. But some of our fellowmen are still trapped in their roofs hungry, wet, depressed.

I’m praying for them, Lord. Please give them emotional and physical strength to hold on and keep their hopes alive. We know that help is coming. It may be taking long, but it is coming. Please whisper this to their hearts. Embrace them with your love at this very moment.

I’m praying for us — for us that are safe, spared from the disaster. Move our hearts from just having pity to real compassion. Convict us to DO something, not just SAY something. Allow us to realize that we are your hands and your feet. Give us the burden, a genuine burden to love.

We are not sure yet, Lord, of what you are telling us because of this tragedy. I’m sure in due time, you will reveal this to us. Whatever it is, may it draw us closer to you. May it become an avenue of self evaluation. May this become a way for us to consider a relationship with you that may have been lost in the past, or even inexistent in the first place.

Be our guide. Be our strength. Be our God. We love you Jesus. Let your children here in the Philippines shout that out loud!