Love bomb, Twitter style

Now this is interesting.

A couple of  twit from @guitarchic caught my attention. She mentioned about following and sending a Twitter message to Ashton Kutcher.  I was winding down from a tiring coding day, so it kind of got me interested and searched for Ashton @aplusk.

His profile: 500,000++ followers! Now, if you have half a million people following you on Twitter, you can do a lot of things with it. And so I found out that he did.

I’m not a showbiz-type of guy, but I know he and Demi Moore, the “Ghost” girl, are a couple. And so I tried to read back his Twitter page. I found out that he was planning something for Demi with his Twitter friends.

Waiting for my wife to wake up half way across the world so I can tell her good morning. (that tells us that Demi is in another country right now)

can you all help me make her morning? At 7:45am pst that 1hr 25 min from now send @mrskutcher a “good morning, I love U” tweet. (He unveiled the plan. Demi is in Europe. At an exact time, all his twitter buddies will great @mrskutcher — that’s Demi — good morning. Imagine the fllood!)

what if we crashed twitter with love That would be awsome!

the countdown is on 1 hour till the love wave hits. sending love to @mrskutcher at 7:45 pst

45 min until the love wave. Lets make it a love tsunami! send @mrskutcher a little love at 7:45 pst 10:45 est

the anticipation is killing me. she is gonna love this. 7:45 is when she sends the girls 2 school. this will make her day 30 min to go.

help me make wifeys day in 15 min drop a little love note to @mrskutcher it will be best if we have the tweet ready and just hit send

(ok, the people are now waiting for 7:45 to come, ready with their Twits for @mrskutcher)

…8 min just a little “good morning we love you ” or “missed you while you were sleeping” will will be perfect

5 min prepare your tweets for the love wave!!!

I’m calling her now to make sure she is watching

BOOM! The flood of good morning greetings came! 3600 messages in less than 7 minutes according to Ashton. While Demi was talking to him, she’s looking at her Twitter feed.

Demi Moore was speechless — or at least she can tweet about it.

I am feeling the love bomb and think I might explode! At least with a few tears of overwhelming joy. I love and miss you!


* * *

This illustrates how social networking bridges the gap between celebrities and fans, between people across the world, between generations. So, the basic question Twitter answers “What are you doing right now?” can actually produce a wide range of other stuff, eh! From business promotions to vanity to being romantic — oh I love my generation!