Shot in the head, and willing.

I was thinking about my feelings towards the latest failed attempt to impeach the president in the house of representatives. I’m speechless, actually. Disgusted, hopeless and speechless. I’ll let Ricky Carandang do the talking in this cross post from his blog.

We all knew the fourth attempt to impeach President Arroyo would not prosper regardless of what kind of arguments or facts the minority congressmen presented at the Justice Committee hearings.

Its never been a question of evidence or eloquence but where your bread is buttered. And for most congressmen, the butter comes from the general direction of the Pasig river.

Many–including sometimes myself–asked “Why do they bother?” It was an exercise in futility so why try? Watching the proceedings today I got my answer. Because they have to.

I have no illusions that minority congressmen are doing this for a number of motivations, including self interest. But none of us is pure and anyone who requires that an accuser must be free from any kind of taint in order to be believed is simply justifying turning a blind eye.

But given the “tainted” motivations of the minority, let me at least say this. The alternative would be a coup. Taking the law into your own hands to extract accountability from the president. The other alternative is indifference. Like most people in this country, we can shrug our shoulders and resign ourselves to the inevitability of defeat, and just let them get away with it.

But Risa, Ronnie, Teddy, TG, Satur, Liza, Rufus, Rafael, and yes even Joe, as well as all the others who made the effort chose to work within the system no matter how dysfunctional it is. Instead of giving up or taking up arms, they went to Congress and did what the law required, thus keeping alive the hope, however slender, that the process can still work.

Are they fools? Maybe, but I take my hat off to those fools.