Twitter vs. Plurk

Twitter was the king of microblogging. The pioneer. The one.

Came some copycats. Among all, Plurk, a more cozy, ajax driven microblogging tool, has caught my attention. I tried to use it for a couple of months now. Most of my contact are amazingly from Twitter, too. At one time, I noticed that the tweets are getting smaller and plurks are getting heavier each day.

But I sense something different. Today, @jimayson took the words out of my mouth:

One reason I prefer Twitter to Plurk is I learn stuff from my Twitter feeds and the notable people I follow while Plurk is mindless chatter.

I guess that just explains all. Twitter has meat. Plurk has simply become a chat tool.

Nonetheless, to keep my Plurk Karma, I use to update my profile. :evil grin: