Quotable quote: Mark Driscoll on Arminianism and Calvinism

I’ve been in discussion with some Calvinists these days. What I hate with this kind of discussion is sometimes if not most of the times, it will get ugly. Some will become proud of what they believe in — thinking that they know everything. Worst, it will even make evangelical Christians hit each other as if they are not part of the same family. Well, some weirdos on both camps even claim that the people on the other side aren’t Christian!

Here’s Mark Driscoll, my favorite Calvinist, talking about Arminianism and Calvinism.


“To be fair, both teams are Christians. This is an in-house debate. They agree on the big issues of our faith… And the truth is, in both teams there are a few wing nuts, nut jobs, weirdos and nut balls (ughh, very true! :D ) just like your family… The proponents of these teams both love Jesus. … Arminians include …. (the list) … very nice people, we love them. … Here’s my point, if you’re an Arminian who loves Jesus, you can be a member of Mars Hill Church (Driscoll’s church). We’ll debate this with you, but we’re not gonna divide over this with you… we can disagree with all this but still love one another. There are doctrines that need to divide us, there are doctrines that need not divide us but rather we can discuss in a loving way as a family.”

Btw, I’m NOT a Calvinist NOR an Arminian. I simply refused to put my belief system in a box.

  • Rjs

    john calvin teach is a true doctrine…

  • Rjs

    john calvin teach is a true doctrine…

  • kmh

    Don't sit on the fence, dude! Choose this day, whom you will believe!! What John Calvin (& Luther & Spurgeon, etc) taught is right straight out of Scripture. The sovereignty of God in salvation in the face of man's total inability is clearly taught in Ephesians 1 & 2, Romans 8 – 10. You kind of have to tear those pages out if you don't want to agree with God's election of some undeserved sinners for salvation, and rejection of others, based solely on HIS sovereign choice. God chooses YOU, you don't choose HIM!

  • Angelaswitz

    Really well if you buy into calvanism you better throw out Romans 8 because it clearly states Gods foreknowledge before he says anything about bieng predestined Paul was a pretty smart guy dont think this was an accident.When he uses the word election the greek word is kletos which means invited I think maybe when your invited somewhere you have the right to choose where you are going.But you better throw out Genesis 4 where we see God warning Cain about the choice he is about to make and clearly telling him that if he chooses to do whats right he will be accepted .I clearly see God giving man a choice between right and wrong was God confused could God have controlled this absolutley did he ?Better get rid of Dueteronomy 30 because we read about mans choice once again.What about John chapter3 and John5 and John6 or John 7 John10 John 11 John 12.and on and on I believe in Gods control and power I also believe that God puts a call on our life but the bible also clearly teaches that when we here that we have a choice to believe or not believe and i also here Jesus tell us that he died for the world,for everyone for all men and i think its much safer to trust Jesus himself then blow off chapter after chapter of clear teaching on Gods will and peoples choice .When you have to come up with a bunch of excuses why the bible contradicts itself I think you are probably trying to make it fit your view.Once again i believe that God has complete and total control but I also believe that he doesnt treat us like puppets he allows for choice the bible clearly teaches Gods call and our responsibility you cant keep what you want and trash the rest.If you want more scriptures let me know I have studied this extensivly and would be glad to share .By the way I have also studied the man who we give credit to for starting this movement and he was nothing more then a dictator that had people killed for not believing what he decided was doctrine.Not sure I would want to use his name why do you think they are starting to use the name reformers instead of calvanist.

  • Noble Berean

    Calvin and Arminius where people that loved Jesus like many of us and had trouble reconciling the sovereignty of God vs human choice in the process of salvation. Many other theologians for the last 2 thousand years have struggled with this, and at the core some Bible passages appear to support points for the two positions. These man made labels are useful to study, research and then go back to the Bible to read and pray to God for wisdom and discernment. The “noble Bereans” where commended by Paul for doing this, for going back to the Scriptures to verify that claims of his preaching (Paul’s preaching in Acts 17:10-11).

    While my beliefs are closer to Calvinism, I consider any “Arminian” that loves Jesus a brother in Christ. By the same token be careful when you encounter a hypocrite “Calvinist”. The only label I want applied to me is that of one that loves and follows Jesus, a DISCIPLE. After all this is what our Great Commission requires, (Mat 28) and it applies to all born again believers.

  • Trying to follow Jesus!

    We choose to trust scholars, especially Biblical scholars and leaders in their study of a Sovereign God, and there are differing doctrines out there. Does it come down to the fact that we have to put ourselves in a box with a name in order to move forward? Can the Word of God not lead us one way and be absolute, that we have to have two translations of How God works so you really cant just say “I am gonna go with Jesus!”.  I am now finding out that Politics will once again attempt to take place over God’s Word and that what I believe and teach may not be in line with some of those that I lead with….. and it has been under my nose the whole time! CRAP!