“Pag bad ka, lagot ka”. Really?

I like Joker Arroyo. No, I love Joker Arroyo. I love his style. I love his wisdom. I simply love this senator. I voted for him every time. I voted for him last Senatorial election.

His last election’s campaign slogan: “Pag bad ka, lagot ka“.  He is anti-corruption. He hates corrupt personalities in the government. Or until his alies got involved.

Senator Arroyo is aligned with the administration, lead by the president whose last name is the same as his. Who is in the spotlight nowadays in the midst of the revelations of ZTE-NBN scandal witness Jun Lozada.

During the senate investigation, I hoped that Sen. Arroyo will interogate the policemen and the cabinet officials who allegedly kidnapped Lozada to provent him from testifying.

Instead, he interogated Lozada, called him acting in bad faith and tried to impeach him as a witness. In another interview, he discredit him saying he is “no Clarisa Ocampo”, pertaining to the star witness that helped in the downfall of then President Estrada.

Fine. Lozada is no Ocampo. But if he is true with his slogan, shouldn’t he be running after the corrupt and not the witnessess of corruption?

Joker is a joke. He’s not a real deal. I regret idolizing him. I regret voting for him.