Be paid as you blog

A friend of mine told me he was hired to blog in a network. Hired, as in he is going to be paid for every post he makes. Earning through blogging isnít new to me. But what I know of is to have your blog(s) earn through Adsense. Receiving payments through your posts is something new. I decided to explore the possibilities.

I Googled for keywords. Lo and behold, I found a service called Pay Per Post.† Itís like a meeting place for bloggers and advertisers. What it does is to have the bloggers review their products and services, post it to their blogs and get paid for doing it. I thought, Iíve been doing this for free since I started blogging. Why not get paid for doing it? What I normally do is review some really good websites that I think people can benefit from and blog about it. Being paid to do it is a plus!

Bloggers, why donít you try Pay Per Post. Sign up, open a Paypal account (yeah, if youíre a Pinoy, Paypal is finally open here in the country. The fees will be deposited to your paypal account) and start blogging for fun and get paid for doing it.