Top 10 reasons IT wonít support the iPhone

Ok, I just said I realized I’m part of the Apple cult, but this time I’ve gotta criticize. Kinda part of the healing process.

The iPhone I’ve been dreaming about continues to receive a thumbs down from different consumer sectors. FORTUNE has released their own Top 10 reasons IT wonít support the iPhone.

Here are their reasons:

1. Doesnít natively support push business email or over-the-air calendar sync.
2. Doesnít accommodate third-party applications, including those internally developed.
3. Doesnít support securing data on the device through encryption.
4. Canít be remotely locked or wiped in the event of a lost or stolen device.
5. Lacks a hard keypad that provides feedback, which isnít ideal for rapid and accurate input.
6. Has limited service provider support and its carrier lock-in inhibits flexibility.
7. Comes with a premium price tag.
8. Is only the first generation.
9. Lacks a removable battery, so when the battery kicks it, so does the device.
10. Lacks case studies of firms that have deployed it enterprisewide

  • walasiya

    I don’t like it because it’s not a phone! it’s not a phone!

    it’s a glorified expensive brick!

  • Riz

    glorified expensive brick?? haha. natawa ako dun ha. :) Happy New Year kuya arnold! :) (deadma na sa iphone!)

  • Arnold

    Jim naman. Ang sakit mong mag salita. Masakit yan sa atin na mga myembro ng Apple cult.

    Riz, happy new year!