Plant a tree for $1

Here’s a cool way to send an e-greeting and be an environment advocate at the same time. Postreach, creators of those popular instant commenting blog plugin, just launched Mokugift. According to the email sent by it’s advocates:

 nstead of sending an ecard you can send an eTree to a
friend.  Unlike ecards, eTrees are fun online gifts that you can display
all year round on an e-Island webpage.  For every eTree purchased,
mokugift will plant a tree in the real world. You can add the e-Island to
your blog and other sites where you can paste code.

The United Nations(UN) Billion Tree campaign has started the largest
environmental initiative ever. By sending friends eTrees via mokugift, you
can be a part of history, while making friends smile when they receive
your eTree gift.  Mokugift’s goal is to plant 1M trees in the real world
and send 1M more smiles.

Here’s a video of a sample eTree.