On surveys and being the ‘most corrupt president’

I’d like to be honest: I respect our president, but I’m no PGMA fan. I think the Philippines deserves a better president.

I would also like to say that I do believe in surveys. Most surveys does reflect the sentiments of the people. The pre-election surveys are almost always perfect.

* * *

This week, a survey commissioned by a former opposition senator threw the a disturbing question to 1,200 respondents. The question was, “Who is the most corrupt president since the martial law era?”

The results: Gloria Arroyo came in first, Marcos second and Erap third. I have a couple of problems with the result of this survey:

1. Where did the respondents based their opinion? Media reports? While the media is one of the most basic element of a democratic society, it is not the the most accurate source of information.

2. Did the respondents really know all the presidents that well? I mean, do they really know who President Marcos was? Or President Cory? My guess is if the respondent aged 30 to 40, at this very moment the presidency that we can still picture in our mind is that of Ramos’. I remember Cory’s, but because of the coup de etat. And because Gloria is the present, everyone knows about the alleged corruption happening in the government right now. So, who’s the default choice for the most corrupt then?

* * *

This survey is flawed and biased. If the opposition wants to win in 2010 — and I know they can — they should stop these dirty tactics and start doing great things for the nation. I’m sure the people will recognize and see it.

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