An insight for today:

“Real entrepreneurs incubate their ideas before implementing them”

I saw this one from one from one of those marketing media commonly placed beside elevator doors. (So, we can really get something out of these, can’t we?)

Four years ago, as a neophyte entrepreneur, I’ve been guilty of implementing an idea without really incubating it. As a result, one project, which cost a lot is, in my assessment a failure.

Let me offer ways to incubate an idea before implementing it.  These things aren’t only applied  to entrepreneurs. We can all use these in everyday decision making process.

How to incubate an idea:

1. Talk to your trusted friends about it. Gather their reactions.
2. Read materials on the internet or other off-line materials that talks about your idea.
3. Establish safety nets. We can call this calculated risks.
4. Last, and certainly not the least, pray about it. In your moments of silence with God, you can be convicted of either how great or how bad your idea is. It works for me.

  • Greg Moreno

    5. Talk to someone who you think will object to your idea. Your friends usually have the same interests and point-of-view as yours. It sometimes pay to have a “devil” on your side :)

  • Arnold

    Nice one, Greg.