Paypal update: it worked!

I did a Paypal transaction a couple of weeks ago before the long Halloween break. Last week, I received it through Unionbank EON after 5 days. So, there you go — IT DOES WORK!

Now that it’s been tested well and good, what’s next? Think of the many possibilities that a Pinoy entrepreneur can maximize this service.

  • You can start bidding and selling (thus earning) at popular local auction sites, especially with the entry of months ago.
  • Some small businesses that were declined of their application by merchant account providers such as Yes Payments for having expected low volume transactions can start selling stuff online without monthly payments.
  • Freelancers (web designers, web programmers, copy writers, etc.) can have the flexibility and the popularity of Paypal on their side. It’ll be easier to collect for their services.
  • I have not looked at this yet if its available on local Paypal service, but if it is, non-profit organizations can now accept donations online through Paypal.

Any other use of Paypal that you can think of — specifically catering to a Pinoy’s way of business living?