Messianic complex

The  Trillanes-Lim coup is over.

One sick-minded senator with messianic complex. One so messed up multi-million peso Manila Peninsula Hotel.

One very wise former vice president. Two Roman Catholic bishops. Are  you guys thinking? Seriously.

I voted for Trillanes. But this time, I hope he’ll get what he deserves. Not just a jail term but he needs to be thrown out of  his senate seat.  I hope  that his fellow senators will take action.

Lesson: your emotions can trick you out of thinking wisely.

  • jek

    your are right maybe they are not thinking seriously for what they doing, they are crazy for what they did. at the end susuko din pala sila sana mas maaga pa para wala ng nangyaring damage. trillianes said he consider the welfare of the people in the manila pen. sana naisip nya yan nang maaga pa. I think he is out of mind, even the other who is with trillianes mga alaga pa naman sila ng diyos. sana they prayed before they go to manila pen, if this one was will of God to go with. nawala yata ang wisdom and knowledge nila. I hope they deserves what they did.

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