Yesterday, I upgraded my Mac Mini and Macbook from Tiger to the newest Mac OS X release dubbed as Leopard. I’m not going to make an in-depth review of this much hyped OS. Others have done a great job already. Anyway, 2 hours of using, here’s what I’ve noticed so far:

* the iTunes-like Finder is not only cool but really useful. I don’t have to open files anymore to see its contents. It’s viewable from Finder.

* On networked computers, the new way to view the shared computers on Finder is really cool. Previously with Tiger, I have to manually connect to our server. Now, it’s so Windowish, you can see all the shared computers on the network — which is, in my opinion a good move from OS X.

* As of blogging, I’m backing up my system through Time Machine. This is, in my opinion, one of the most important upgrade from Tiger as far as office (or even personal) computing is concerned. I felt this since I lost a very important file a week ago which will take me 3 days to redo.

* Having said those, my general assessment is, if you’re coming from Tiger and you’re looking for huge system changes, you’ll be disappointed. Leopard is simply Tiger with a simple look revision and upgraded Finder look-and-feel. All others you can live without.