Coup, na naman?

As of writing, General Lim and Senator and former military Antonio Trillianes have occupied the Manila Peninsula. With them are their military guards who apparently has joined them instead of guard them. (Trillianes and Lim are on trial for coup charges).

I’m not sure if I’m getting this right, but are they really thinking? I mean, they’ve done this before and they know it, at the end of the day, they’ll surrender because the reality is, they are on their own. The majority of the Armed Forces are not with them. The people, while disgusted with the current political situation and the corruption in the government are less likely to join.

Oh, well.

Expect these: peso dipping (which is I like, by the way *grin*), business slowing down and the country on CNN again. When can we ever reach the international media because of a good news (other than a Manny Pacquiao boxing match victory)?

On a lighter note, here are some interesting Twitter posts from my Twitter friends.

* Updates, updates! Is there a coup?? Should I not go to Sbarro for lunch?
* The ongoing coup is orchestrated. They even have a Web site
* gosh, another wonder people don’t trust our doctor
* They always choose five star locations for coups nowadays. I guess Peninsula has better suites than Oakwood. The buffet’s pretty good too.
* Watching pnp set up a tent hq, makati ave cor paseo.
* We’re being sent home from work. Me, I’m staying so I can finish my service description.
* Watching from 6f peninsula court makati ave cor paseo. I’m not sticking around though!* LOL, the rebel website is on Bravenet. So 90’s. They should get a Multiply
* deadline is 230 now, not 3
* they are interviewing an american cop who was in the hotel for the wedding
* 15 more mins…i predict gunshots
* from my friend:”OMG it’s not like im soooo pro GMA but another coup?it’s kinda pissing me off”
* Love makes people… lunatic. Grr. (Ok, that one’s from a Twitter friend who seems to be broken hearted these days)