Blogging 101

I know that some of you who visit this blog are not bloggers but are considering to become one. Swerve, a blog primarily for pastors and leaders of churches posted a series of articles that discusses what blog is all about — blogging 101 for non-bloggers. Read these and you’ll find yourself craving to start blogging yourself. Even if you’ll not be convinced, you’ll find this series very informative.

* What is a blog?
* Why consider blogging
* Blogging tips
* Building a blog audience
* Blogging styles

For starters, here are the top 3 free blogging platforms.


If you want more flexibility and total control of the look and feel of your blog, you can consider getting a web host (normally costs $10/mo.) and install WordPress (most dynamic, easiest to install and use, IMO).

Any other additional tips for our non-blogger friends?