You don’t need an anti-virus if you’ll do these

This is why I love Mac OS X — I wouldn’t have to explain if everyone in my team is on Mac. But obviously, we can’t afford. So, every time there’s a new installation and a new virus hits our network, I have to explain over and over how to avoid computer viruses. For the sake of my team, and for your sake, my dear Microsoft Windows user reader, follow these rules and you’ll never need an anti-virus in your PC.

1. Do not open email attachments at will. Even if you know where the email supposedly came from. Most viruses use your friend’s system to send out emails with trojan viruses. It will look like you are receiving a legitimate email from your contact, but actually, it was the virus from his computer that sent it. If the email is FWD: type, I typically delete it right away. I only read email attachments from business related conversations, or the tone of the message body is very personal to me.

2. If you are on a network, do not leave a shared folder open. Share a folder on a per-need basis. Some viruses crawl through the open channels of the network.

3. Do not crack a software using cracks from warez websites. Those normally have embedded viruses.

4. VERY IMPORTANT: Stop using Internet Explorer. Use Firefox, instead. IE is known for its vulnerabilities. So, for the sake of your PC’s soul, stop flirting with IE. Use the mighty Firefox for your internet pleasure. If you’re a web designer or web programmer, use IE for cross-browser testing purposes only.

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    IE is known for its vulnerabilities.