Why I love Multiply.com

I have recently activated 2 blogs at Multiply.com — my second blog called it’s.not.about.me. and Grace Place’s blog (yes, there will be an official announcement regarding this change). Two reasons why I like Multiply.com:

* Unlike popular social networking site Friendster.com, Multiply.com is not about the number of friends you have in your list. It is about the quality of connections. The site has a way to force you to identify your relationship with the new connection request. And in my short experience of being active at Multiply, it does work. You tend to read updates from friends and relatives that you do know.

* The tools are well thought of. I mean, look at the AJAX feel of most part of the site. Right tool and feature at the right place. While nothing beats WordPress as a blogging tool, their own blogging software is good enough. You can upload files, insert files and edit wysywyg.

* You have a whopping 1 GB of space! Yeah! They were not explicit about it, but I read somewhere that their CEO mentioned about this space. That’s a lot, really. And we’re talking about the idea of using it for podcasting purposes.

I just hope that Multiply users will know how to use the tool properly. Here are a couple of suggestions:

– Don’t play the “I have a thousand contact and you have 2” game. Add only those who you really know. It’s a way to maximize the use of this social networking tool.

– Do read your contacts’ updates. They know it. And they will reciprocate — they will read yours, too.

– Comment on their posts. It’s a way to interact on the web. It’s a way to build relationships through social networking.

Update from its.not.about.me – Why a new blog?