Tips for single ladies: who should you date?

Aileen Apolo opened up herself in her blog with this post about her past experience with a former fiance, then gave tips on who NOT to date. I like bloggers who open up themselves because, as far as I’m concerned, its really hard to do that. You can feel real life flowing in this particular blog post.

I’d like to offer 3 tips for my single lady readers, this time on who you should date. I’m not the original, this is based on a blog post by Perry Noble, one of the guys I admire for his passion for leadership. In this blog post, he told his new born daughter that many boys are jerks, do not settle — then offered 3 qualities of a man she should look for. Here it is, in my own words:

1. Look for a guy who loves Jesus. I’m not talking about religiosity here. I’m not talking about somebody who goes to church on weekends and cheat his way to a woman’s heart on weekdays. I’m talking about somebody who is really in love, passionately in love with Jesus. Somebody who takes Jesus’ words seriously and takes His principles into action. I know, it’s hard to find someone like that nowadays. But if you do, expect that the guy will think twice before cheating on you because he will think first of breaking his Master’s heart before he breaks yours. And eventually, if you get marry, if he leads your family the way Jesus led his followers 2000 years ago, there will always be solutions to marital problems (take note, I said there will be solutions, because problems cannot be eliminated).

2. Look for a guy who protects. Perry said, “if a guy EVER puts a lady into a situation where she feels compromised emotionally, physically or spiritually… then he is NOT a godly man, he is actually acting more like satan–seeking to manipulate her to fulfill his own selfish desires.” Need I add anything more?

3. Look for a guy who provides. “Love can see us through.” Ah, forget it. It won’t happen. If you get a bum for a boyfriend or a husband, love will not see you through when you don’t have money to pay the rent. You can only see that in movies. A guy’s major responsibility to his family is to provide. So get a provider.

I wonder why I managed to convince my wife to marry me. I’m never close, never passed these three tests! :) Seriously, my goal is to become more and more like the kind of guy Perry described. God help me. :D

  • the wife

    you’re not close to being that kind of guy? nah! of course you are!

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