The realities of death

Death is real, if you still haven’t noticed.

Yesterday, our dearest hangout place, Glorietta, exploded. A bomb ruined the place. People are hurt. Some died. And if that happened the day later — making that Saturday, same time at around 1:30 pm, we could have been one of those who are affected. “Kids-at-work” located at the 3rd floor of Glorietta 2 is where Johann, my 3 year old kid frequents during weekends. Joy and I enjoyed window shopping along those clothing stores in that area. So, yes, if the terrorists decided to postpone the plan for another day, we could have been one of those who are hurt… or dead.

Two things running through my mind right now:

1. You’ve got to be ready to die anytime, any day. Even how hard it is to accept, that’s a fact. Bomb or no bomb, we can die anytime. You may be healthy today, you can be shot dead by some hot headed motorists tomorrow. You feel well today — then you receive a call from your doctor about the results of your physical exam, and it is devastating. So, yes, “life is like a mist”, apostle James said.

The real question is, are you ready to die anytime, any day? If not, how can you prepare yourself to the afterlife? Do you know where you are going? If not, what are you doing to know?

2. Live life to the full. Enjoy your time with your family everyday of your life. Don’t be afraid of the future, do what you have to do today. Stop doing the things that’s hurting you and straighten your life for good. It’s hard, I know. With your own strength, that is. You need help. Jesus, the one who came so that you can “have life and live it to the full” (John 10:10), can help you. He is, in fact, the missing piece.

Update from my blog: To the victims of Glorietta tragedy