Scam? Spam?

I received a spam (?) email today. Here’s what it says:

* * *

The international company searches for workers in Philippines.
Now we have a lot of vacancies in all Philippines Provinces.
You will earn 1500-1700$ per-month.

sent your information to this e-mail: *********

-No specific business experience is required for this business.
-You should be aged between 18 and 67.Male or female.
-Available for all Philippines residents.

– You DON’T need to handle any products!No MLM,no Sales.
– DOES NOT Require investment.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO START or get more info-please sent e-mail to ******

* * *

It looks legitimate. It passed through a typically strong Gmail spam filter. The amount is not rediculously high. It made me look back.

First thing I did, check the website that corresponds to the email domain. You can check for your self. This guy may be legitimate… or not. But who knows what he wants? Here are some guidelines on how to detect a scam.

1. Check the grammar of the email. If a business is legitimate, they will take care of their reputation.

2. Check the website. In this case, the spammer gave an email (****** Check the of the email and go to its website. If it’s good, at least they are one step ahead. But if it’s crappy like this one, no way this can be legit.

3. Check the offer. Ask, “what do I do to receive this amount being offered?” While it claims it does not involve any investments or this is not MLM, it does not give any clue what the heck you should do to be part of this. It’s a trap. Don’t bother replying.