Paypal in the Philippines

Now that Paypal has finally opened it’s doors to the Filipino — oh well, partially, it is — by allowing us to receive payments, I can see great potentials. Entrepreneur can finally accept payments from international users who prefer Paypal (I noticed this — most of them always ask me, “Do you have Paypal?” whenever we talk about methods of payments). Locally, this can also be maximized. We’re thinking of integrating this payment method to local hosting payments.

But since this is *sooo* new, I see challenges. I wanted to implement Paypal to one of our e-commerce sites, but I have apprehensions. I know, most of you who, Filipino technopreneurs and exporters who see this potential has apprehensions too.

That’s why I started a discussion group — PH-Paypal — where we can discuss, suggest ways to implement, promote ideas, shoot down potential problems and just talk about anything regarding our use of Paypal here in the Philippines. Please join us.

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