Free online tools for the technopreneur

1. Email/Documents/Calendar

Google Apps (Free)

Personalized email. Work on your documents anywhere there is an internet connection. Schedule. Lots of goodies. Simple set-up.

2. Online CRM

Zoho (Free, 3 users)

I particular like the Web to Case feature. It generates a form which you can publish on your website. An excellent customer support tool. More details at

3. Online / Paper Billing

Freshbooks (Free, 3 active clients)

Great service for freelancers, small business, etc. Accepts PayPal for credit card processing. A nice workaround for the three-client limitation: after a client has paid, just deactivate the account (reactivate the following billing period). Remember the term “active”
client :-)

4. Payment Processor

Paypal, Standard Business (1.9% to 2.9% + $0.30 USD)

For a low-volume, low-cost, easy-to-implement processor— nothing beats P/P. Keep an eye on Amazon Micro Payment. Wishlist: Smart and Globe would come up with a cut-and-paste micropayment ecommerce implementation for a website and none of the horrendous paperwork requirement.

5. Voice Mail / Local US Number

GrandCentral (Free for now, got acquired by Google)

Free voicemail, free local number, accessible online, redirects; am
not complaining. Or you can try Gizmo ($3/mo)

Originally posted at Ph-Cyberview by a guy nick named “bus”. I just think it’s useful to post it here.