Big change #1: Joy is our new office manager

I mentioned here about the changes that will happen within our family and the business that we run. So here it is: Joy joins me in the office and runs the administrative aspect of it. She does the macro management, I do the micro. This is both a welcome and scary change.

Welcome: well, it’s obvious, I love my wife being around. I don’t have to be home to see her. Plus, my overwhelming job at the office is cut into half. Now I can breath and focus on other important things.

(picture is my snap shot of Joy at her new, shinny, well-equipped, Mac-empowered desk)

Scary: this decision is tough since the guy who will suffer is no other than our 3-year old kid, Johann. Joy has been a stay-at-home mom since she gave birth to Johann. She’s been very effective at it. She’s enjoying being a mom to Johann. English is not our family’s natural language, but Johann has learned it at this stage of his intellectual growth — all because of her mom. Started yesterday, Johann has to spend the whole day with the yaya. It pains me to see him cry for her mom in the morning. He’s not used see Joy leaving early in the morning.

I told you change is scary. :D But as what I mentioned in another blog place, “my gain is Johann’s loss”. But seriously, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Read Joy’s take on this change.