Why I blog

Good question. I think every blogger should ask that question.

Here are some on-top of my head reasons why I blog and then I’ll give the punch line:

1. I blog to share news. I’m trying to connect with my relatives abroad. Some of them read my blog and I think blogging bridges the gap somehow. I also try to communicate with Grace Place where members are mostly tech savvy. Blogging tends to bring the news across very effectively.

2. I blog to share my opinions. I’m by nature a very opinionated person. I try to lessen that, but that’s just me. This blog serves as platform to bounce off my opinions on almost anything under the sun — politics, spirituality, family life, technology, anything.

3. I blog to vent out my frustrations. Life can be frustrating. And because this blog is the only thing that I have total control off, I do whatever I want with it. Most often, though, I use it to shout out loud. You can read about my frustrations in things, events and people.

4. I blog to inspire. My last reason is to inspire. I hope I’m doing that successfully, while I sometimes vent out my frustrations, I try to be positive in most of my posts. I try to share what I believe has changed my life, I try share how God has touched a situation or a problem. I try to inspire.

Lately, I’ve been negative and it shows in my posts. Obviously, there are people reading this blog. The sad fact, though, is that after talking with one of the readers, he came across to me saying that I need to stop being sorry about myself and be man enough to face the problems.


Here’s the thing, blog readers — whether you’re following this or other blogs as well. You can’t judge a person by what he writes in his blog. Most bloggers, at least myself, while being honest with what we write, doesn’t portray 100% of who we really are as a person. We’re only showing a portion of our life here. You wouldn’t know our strengths or our weaknesses just by reading our blogs. Blogs are tools of expressions (and its even evolving in its usage). It is not an Alcoholic Anonymous where we should be ready to tell all.

Enough said. I’m frustrated. I’m not in good shape. I’m negative these days. Sometimes I’m hopeful. But there’s just tons of other things that happens in my life that I can’t write about. Please keep that in mind, my beloved readers.