Why change is scary

Status quo. Fun.

Change. Scary.

You maybe in the middle of your career shift, or transferring to another company. You’re a newly wed, or just had a new child in the household. You’re new to a place where you just relocated. Change is scary.

While in the middle of a discussion at a grace group last night, I contemplated on the reasons why people are so scared of change. I have a couple in mind:

1. We are afraid of the unknown. Change will bring a new sets of uncertainties. And we’re afraid to face uncertainties. We need to know, that’s our nature. But unfortunately, we can’t know everything. In fact, we know little of what will happen in the future.

2. We want status quo. We feel secured if nobody rocks the boat. When everything seems steady. We crave for that. It becomes our goal in life.

Our family is in the middle of a season of change. Change in the way we run the business. Change in the way we run our family. Change in how we spend time with each other. It’s scary. But in the process, I am learning 2 things:

* Change stretches my faith. For a long time, I felt comfortable with my relationship with God. As if I’m ready for anything that may happen and I know my relationship with Him is strong as ever. Then this change happened. Little that I know that my faith has not expanded for a long time. I am forced to stretch, reevaluate how I trust God and push my faith to the limit.

* Change brings new life. The most exciting part about change is when you see the possibilities of new things, new life, new reasons to rejoice. Status quo may be fun. But bring in change and it will rock your world.

Join me in this blog as we journey into this scary but exciting season of change.

How do you deal with changes in your life?