The real “F” word, part 2 (of 5)

How can I forgive myself?

It has been said that the hardest person to forgive is yourself. True. You can forgive others, sometimes at an instant notice, but why is it so hard to forgive yourself? Maybe you have done a stupid thing in the past. A sin that keeps bothering you. A burden that keeps on pulling you down. A scene in the past that keeps reminding you of what you did.

Fact: God has forgiven you of all of your sins — past, present and future. The reason? Because Jesus decided to offer his life for you 2000 years ago. Your sins were placed on his shoulders because you cannot pay those. But why can’t you feel God’s forgiveness flowing to your veins? Because you haven’t forgiven yourself yet.

How can you move on?

1. Accept what cannot be changed. When you look back at your life, you regret doing some really bad stuff. And unfortunately, they have consequences. Maybe an unwed mom bore a child, or a failed career — because of the sins committed in the past. The reality is, you cannot go back and change what happened. You can only look forward. Let it go. Even how painful it is, you need to bore the consequences of your past sins, learn from it and move on with life.

2. Give it up to God. Whatever that’s holding you back, you have three choices to make: 1) blame yourself (“I’m a pathetic idiot!) 2) blame others (“It is because of you why I’m like this!”) , or 3) give it up to God. You can blame yourself all day long, or point your fingers to others — it’ll be a tiring cycle. Give it up to God, instead. Tell him how sorry you are and let him heal you from your pains.

3. Focus on what is left, not lost. God is a God of second chances. He will turn what you have in your hands into the most powerful tool you can use to move on with your life. King David was an adulterer and a murderer. He repented and moved on with his life. He became one of Israel’s greatest kings, he was called by God as “a man after his own hearts”, and from his clan came the Messiah. Don’t focus on what was lost, focus on what is left.

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