The real “F” word, part 1 (of 5)


Yes, that’s the real “F” word.

One thing with forgiveness: we hear a lot about it on Sundays, we talk about it among our friends, and we know its a good thing. But honestly, it’s one of the hardest word to spell if you want to be serious in applying it.

It’s hard to accept and experience God’s forgiveness. Yes, we heard it, God is willing to forgive you. Whatever it is that you have done in the past, God will forgive. And yet, have we really, really, experienced God’s forgiveness?

It’s hard to forgive yourself. Maybe you have done something stupid in the past. You sinned big time. You regret doing it and now you feel guilty and ashamed. It’s a cliche — a friend will tell you, “Dude, move on!” Easy to say, hard to do.

It’s hard to forgive others. Ah, this one’s a classic. It’s easier to forgive Erap or Gloria or Lolit Solis for switching that envelop (if you know what I’m talking about), but forgiving your friend who betrayed you? Or that officemate who keeps on dragging you down? Close relatives that have offended you and your family? Nah!

It’s hard to believe that when I’m forgiven, it’s really “forgiven forever”. It keeps coming back, doesn’t it? You know that God has cleansed you from your sins in the past, even for the sins that you will be committing in the future. But It just seems too good to be true.

Last Sunday at Grace Place, we have started a message series that talks about that “F” word — Forgiveness. As we move towards discussing each aspect of forgiveness every Sunday, I will try to share it here so that you will somehow benefit from it, too.

I’m glad you visited. I hope you’ll be back for more of this thought provoking, challenging series of posts.