Pardon for Erap?

The biggest news today is not the ZTE scandal, it’s Erap finally cracking and accepting the possibility of a pardon — on one condition: there should be no condition. :D Here’s what it means to me:

* Erap wants pardon without accepting the guilty verdict
* The government wants him pardoned “for the sake of national reconciliation” to the point of compromising even the basic elements of this process which is for Erap to have an admission of guilt.

First of, I’m for national reconciliation. I’m also for justice. It should be served. I’m also for Erap’s pardon, only if he will admit the guilt. This is very important for me since this will serve a good object lesson for the coming generation. If he will not, then let him serve his sentence. Not in Bilibid, in my humble opinion. To be house arrested at his age is justice served.

What’s your take on Erap’s possible pardon?